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1stAG-WFI consider it a privilege to personally recommend the ministry of Duane and Janet Gryder.

The Gryders serve as full-time Motorcycle Chaplains and do so as appointed missionaries under the Assemblies of God U.S. Missions Department.

If you are looking for a straight-laced guy to beat around the bush, you might want to look elsewhere. But if you want an authentic, transparent minister to talk to your people, guys in particular, in language they can understand, he is your guy. He is first and foremost a “soul-winner”.

My heart was truly moved as he shared testimonies about how he has seen bikers find Christ and how inmates have turned to the Lord through their prison ministry.

Whether it is a Sunday morning, a Men’s Breakfast, or both of them sharing at a marriage retreat, what is shared will be a clear, relevant word from the Lord.

We have had them and will have them again in the future.

Yours for His Purpose,
Bob Rogers

Rev. Bob Rogers received his ministerial training at Central Bible College in Springfield, MO and The School of Evangelism in Lausanne, Switzerland. During his thirty plus years of ministry Rev. Rogers served as Crusade Director for David Wilkerson, Senior Pastor for two reestablished inner city congregations in Los Angeles, Senior Pastor for First A/G in Dallas, and as Vice President of Together in the Harvest Ministries, assisting Steve Hill in leadership for many of the expressions of the Brownsville Revival. He currently has served as Senior Pastor of First A/G, Wichita Falls, Tx, since the fall of 2001.

HeartlandIt was my privilege to be Duane Gryder’s pastor for about ten years in the 70’s and 80’s. He was then and is now a man of utmost integrity who truly loves the Lord with all his heart, soul, mind and strength. The call of God was evident on his life from the first time I met him. As a presbyter in the West Texas District I used Duane as a fill-in preacher many times – and never received a complaint. Well, maybe about his hair.

The ministry Duane and Janet are now fulfilling is incredibly important to the Body of Christ. This is so much more than the “rides” we went on when I was their pastor and those that many pastors take with the motorcycle riding members of their churches. This is a ministry to a distinct demographic group in America which includes several subgroups including many veterans. Personally, I feel safer traveling just knowing there are people like Duane and Janet ministering to those who are part of the motorcycle gangs in our country.

All pastors need to understand that this is not a question of “Home” vs “World” missions. As Duane and I were returning from our first missions trip together I wept as I told him how much I wanted to be a missionary. Looking me straight in the eyes he asked, “Al Roever, what would you do differently as a missionary than what you are doing right now in Odessa, Texas?”

The question really messed up my life. I realized that if I couldn’t evangelize the part of the world where God had placed me at that time, how could I ever hope to be effective anywhere else?

If we can’t invest in evangelizing one of the least evangelized nations in the world – America – how can we justify all that we are doing for world missions?

I heartily endorse Duane and Janet Gryder! You will not regret supporting their ministry.

In His Service,
Al Roever,
Instructor of Theology / Director of Missions
Heartland School of Ministry
Pastoral Staff
Heartland World Ministries Church
Las Colinas, TX

Al Roever is more than a pastor from years ago. He has been a close friend and mentor for Duane for over thirty years. It was Al that brought Duane into the A/G in the 70’s. Although Duane was raised and began his ministry in another denomination, after he was baptized in the Holy Spirit he sought out to prove and disprove all he believed. He had come up with a core set of doctrines and when Al showed him the sixteen fundamental truths of the A/G he was amazed that there was a denomination that had his beliefs. Al often joked that Duane was A/G before he even knew what the A/G was.

1stAG-GTI want to recommend R. Duane Gryder to you and your ministry. I have known Duane and his wife for several years. They not only have a calling into their specialized ministry, but have the heart and passion to go along with that calling.

We have had them here at our church and they were a blessing to us. They were accepted well by my congregation. He and his wife both helped us reach out to the bikers here in our area during “Bike Week” at Myrtle Beach. Our young people fell in love with them as did our adults.

They have a special spiritual anointing to touch the lives with the cause of Christ, a group of people in our society that most would just rather ignore. Just as in any specialized ministry needs a specialized call, so too does it necessitate a network of specialized pastors who can see, feel and more importantly support such a work. Waving been a missionary in South America for over 12 years I recognize that as Motorcycle Chaplains they are our hands and feet to carry the Gospel message to a special group in our society that most church’s can’t or won’t reach. They are true missionaries, just as much as those who go overseas somewhere to minister.

I would hope that you would open your heart and your church door to the Gryders. They will bless you and your people. I know… because I and my people have been blessed by them and we continue to bless them through our monthly support of their ministry.

Sincerely yours in Christ

Pastor C. Bradley Morris, PHD.

Dr. C. Bradley Morris served as an Assemblies of God missionary in South America for 12 years and at the time of this referral served as pastor of First Assembly of God in Georgetown and as a presbyter in the South Carolina District. Brad was known for his missionary zeal even as a pastor of a state side church. His care for all and outreaches were known throughout the community. He currently serves as an area director for World Relief.

Harvest TimeIt has been my privilege to meet many Evangelists, Pastors, and Missionaries who have made a difference in the lives of a hurting world. THe ministry of Duane and Janet Gryder, in my opinion, is God sent to touch our nation in one of the most difficult harvest fields of recent history. We have prayed and God has sent “laborers for the harvest.” I know the Gryders personally and unreservedly recommend that every church incorporate them into their missions’s budget. Thank you Duane and Janet for your willingness to serve as Motorcycle Chaplains in this last days harvest!


Pastor Darrell Trout
Harvest Time Church of the Permian Basin

Pastor Darrell Trout has been an innovative soul-winning and disciple-making pastor for over twenty years. Currently pastoring a multi-cultural church in the Permian Basin and working at Teen Challenge of the Permian Basin.