Who We Are

Who We Are


Duane is an ordained minister and has a chaplaincy endorsement with the Assemblies of God. He has ministered across denominational lines in Baptist, Methodist, Disciple of Christ, Presbyterian… Churches.

Duane2007bHe has worked as a youth pastor, senior pastor, bible class teacher, and even sang with a contemporary Christian band back in the late 70’s and early 80’s.

He has also worked on missions in various places in Mexico, Belize, and Africa.

Janet rides with and works with Duane as not just a “sidekick,” but an essential partner in the ministry. For the last 33 years they have been a team. They have two grown children who are married and two grandchildren. Janet has worked as a Sectional Missionette Representative and coordinator, in training various levels of teachers in the church, as a coordinator for new programs, and as a bookkeeper.

In ministry their expertise has been to train, provide opportunities, encourage, and place believers into ministry roles. (Some say they were pushed, but they are thankful now).

DuanePreachSmallerAlthough we ride motorcycles and have been involved in Christian bands, we did not come into this ministry with a testimony of how deep in the depths we have come from. We are more like Timothy in the Bible. Both of us were saved when we were young and have served God throughout our adult lives. We do not pretend to have been where the lifestyle bikers are or were… We do know that we can help them find a way out without losing their dignity or who they are.

How We Were Called
Into This Ministry

jail 2In 1997, Mary Garcia asked Duane, “What do you think about prison ministry?” He came back with “I have never thought about it. If the opportunity came up I would probably do it.” Within two weeks John Windbigler came to Duane’s office and asked if he would help him start a ministry in a nearby prison.

We have been going to prison ever since.

Wright - Phil and Linda smallIn the spring of 2001, Phil and Linda Wright (Pioneer AG Motorcycle Chaplains) asked if we would be interested in being a Motorcycle chaplain because of our work with bikers. Our first response was “no.” We have been successful as pastors and there is a mutual love in the church we pastored. However, God began to show us how we could use our talents to reach and teach within these two passions of ours, bikers and prisons. Duane’s area of expertise has always been in training and equipping believers to become workers in the church. His biker/prison ministry is no different.


Our goal is to reach and teach bikers, get them involved in local churches, and to provide opportunities and materials for Christian bikers to get involved in ministry to other bikers We also provide opportunities for them to join us in “Prison Runs” to evangelize the lost and encourage believers within prisons.

We see potential leaders and gifted workers wherever we go. It does not matter if it is a biker that gets saved or a prisoner in the prisons. We encourage them to take advantage of the opportunity they have to study, learn, and prepare for works of ministry. First where they are and secondly where they will end up going.