My favorite testimonies are from the bikers that get saved and then call me when they lead someone else to Christ. They are the best at evangelizing their world. Our legacy will never be just what we do on our own. Our legacy will be those who are reached by those we have reached or trained to reach others. It is a multiplication mindset and not an addition mindset. We were not called to do all the work of the ministry, but to train others to do the work of the ministry.

JerrySee Ephesians 4

“I have found my ministry in the prison. I would rather work one prison run than twentybiker rallies.”

Jerry, Junction, Tx

Another biker who never felt like he fit in at his local church suddenly has a ministry that makes him feel as though he has a part in the church. He can not wait to get back in prison and see God move.

One biker prayed with two inmates to accept Christ before the service while we were still in the yard.

Months later many still remember the names of the bikers that testified and how it changed their lives.

jail 2Bill, an inmate, writes that this ministry
“…breaks down the myth of a non-believer that a Christian is not supposed to lead an exciting and fun lifestyle.”

Charles, another inmate, writes:
“I want to thank you all for allowing God to use you all to touch those behind the wire.”


Matt was saved as a young adult, brought up in a Christian home, active in the church, a good student, an Eagle Scout, a successful High School and college athlete, and later a Head High School coach for 16 years. He was like your brothers, sons, grandsons, nephews, and husbands. His own poor choices placed him where he is now. He had an accident while intoxicated where someone was injured. Now he is serving a 10 year sentence.

He has lost his wife, career, teaching certificate, friends, retirement, self-esteem, and most of his worldly possessions. He says that he cannot accurately describe the pain and despair of prison.

About this ministry he writes:

“But there is a light that shines in this darkness. The rays of this hope are brought in by the outside ministers that have the courage to share their precious time with men the world has given up on. It is imperative that these people be supported, their ministries encouraged to grow, and that they have adequate resources available to them.”