Chaplain on Run For The Wall

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Chaplain on Run For The Wall

Run For The Wall is a welcome home parade for all of our veterans that takes ten days beginning thirteen days before Memorial Day every year. We ride from California near Los Angeles and end by laying a wreath at the Vietnam War Memorial wall. This began with primarily Vietnam veterans, but they now welcome all American veterans.

Duane serves with the chaplain corp to help assist those who break down or have accidents along the way. He has also learned to sit and listen to stories that some have shared for the first time that needed to be gotten off their chest a long time ago. You will never hear or read those stories. They are not Duane’s to share. He is just being a concerned ear for those who need to do this. These veterans have served our country well and anything we can do to serve them has been earned by them.

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Over the years, Duane has paid his own expenses to serve in this capacity. If you would like to help defer some of this cost, send an email to or you can mail a check to:

Calvary AG
1304 N Adams St
Lexington, NE 68850

Put in the memo: Gryder RFTW