Life Tuning

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Life Tuning

I was thinking about when I first learned to tune my guitar. I did not have a digital meter like we have today. I had a little instrument that you played each note and compared the sound of each string to the sounds of the horn. Pressure from tension on the string is what brings it in tune. You either increase or decrease the pressure to get each string to play just right. You had to do this more than once, because each time you adjusted other strings, it would affect the pressure on the others. Once you had all of them close, you compared each string’s sound to notes on the other strings and then, finally, you strummed a few chords to make sure they all sounded right together. It got easier as you did it over and over again. A real master can hear the right sound without the tuner, but his guitar must still be in tune with the rest of the musicians.

We all live with pressure from different things either currently in our lives or from things in the past. We learn from these things and adjust to bring the right sound to play in harmony with others around us. I think of these external and internal pressures as God fine tuning our hearts to be able to respond in the place he has us. My notes may be different than yours, but in Christ they form a common chord that works together well. If not, then one of us or both of us may need more tuning. And just like the guitar, the tuning on one has some effects on the others.

On the day of Pentecost, they were of one accord. I like to think sometimes of that as “a chord”. We may not all play the same note, but it should blend together to make a beautiful sound that welcomes the very presence of the Holy Spirit.

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