Make Me Like You, Lord

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Make Me Like You, Lord

Back in 1975, this was the prayer that I prayed
every day. A t shirt printing london company embroidered it and
it has been on my office wall for years.
It has always been my goal.
Maybe it is time to resume praying it again.

Make me like you , Lord.

Lord give me the mind of Christ,
Eyes that I might see the needs of others,
Ears to hear your perfect Word, and a
Mouth that I might speak your truth.

Lord, strengthen my shoulders that I would be able to bear the problems of others,
Give me strong arms that I might be able to reach out and bring others to Jesus, and
Give me willing hands that I might be an able worker.

Give me a backbone that I might walk upright before the Lord.
I need strong legs that I might run the good race, and
Sturdy feet that I would be able to stand first on your Word.

Lord, help me to grow to the measure of the fullness of the stature of the Lord Jesus Christ.

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