SOAP Devotional 2014-01-21

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SOAP Devotional 2014-01-21

Scripture – Observation – Application – Prayer


Be careful that you do not refuse to listen to the One who is speaking. For if the people of Israel did not escape when they refused to listen to Moses, the earthly messenger, we will certainly not escape if we reject the One who speaks to us from heaven! (Hebrews 12:25 NLT)


We need to be careful that we do not refuse to listen to God. When the people refused to listen to Moses the consequences were dire and it will not be any better for us if we refuse to listen to God.


These are strong words shortly after we hear about God disciplining His children. Scripture tells us that believers know His voice, yet many never even attempt to hear from him. Are they refusing to hear from God because they, like the Israelites, want to do things their own way? We need to pay close attention to what He tells us and then we need to obey accordingly.


Father keep my ear tuned to hearing your voice. Let me both hear and heed what you say. Let me always pay attention and then follow through with your directions.

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