Sometimes you need to know who you have become, before you can become who you need to be - R. Duane Gryder

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Desert Highway Ministries are the ministries of
R. Duane & Janet Gryder
Serving as US Missionaries for the Assemblies of God
working with bikers and inmates in the good ol’ USA.


D-and-J-2007-CAs a boy, when our family traveled, I would daydream about riding a motorcycle down the highway in front of us. I would speed up, slow down, bank the curves, and occasionally imagine a dirt bike in the bar ditches. I bought a bike as soon as I could back in 1972, Then it was real! I wonder at times if God allowed me to have a ministry that included something I was so passionate about -OR- if He put the passion in there when I was still a young boy because He knew how He would use me later. Either way… This is an exciting ride and peoples lives are being changed.

Today, Duane serves as part of the National Leadership Team for HonorBound Motorcycle Ministry, which is the national motorcycle ministry of the Assemblies of God. He also serves on the Christian Unity Council for the National Coalition of Motorcyclists.

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